StarIghts is a castaway that has competed in two seasons in Era 1. He is best known for his under the radar gameplay.

Survivor: Fiji

In Survivor: Fiji, StarIghts was chosen to be a part of Moto by SurfCurseisTheKing. During the third episode, mickolimbo got a vote stealer and was required to give it to someone else, he chose StarIghts. As Moto was domininant in challenges, StarIghts was safe for the first few tribal. That changed when the tribe swap occurred, as iiNlghts was swapped to Ravu and lost the following challenge. He was sent packing by a vote of 3-1.

Survivor: League

It was announced that StarIghts would take place in Survivor: League, where he would be the 8th pick from Team Epic and placed on the Kaviya tribe. On original Kaviya, Star was invisible as he didn't show up, and he remained on Kaviya during the tribe swap. During the 5th episode, Star created a secret alliance with AmethyCyan. Once the merge hit, Star is known for his drama/affiliation with bob000051 and Waste. He remained under the radar and didn't appear until he was a target at the final 6. He did win 2 individual immunity challenges along the way. He almost got his way, but Waste ended up playing an idol on Bob and Star was idoled out by a vote of 2-1-0.

Trivia Edit

  • StarLghts was the first person to be given an advantage by another player
    • He was also the first person to leave with an advantage