Jaysuhn is a castaway that has competed numerous times. He's most described as a strategic player.

Survivor: Egypt:

In Egypt, he played a under the radar game, not being noticed by anyone until late merge, where the remaining castaways decided to vote him off in a 4-2 vote, getting 7th place.

Survivor: Siberia - Blood vs. Water:

Jaysuhn returned for Survivor: Siberia with his partner SpatiaVersKreishqa, whom he played with in Egypt. During his time in Siberia, he won a hero battle, helping his team get torches. After Cesaret finally lost an immunity challenge, jaysuhn was voted in a 4-2 vote, getting 16th place.

Survivor: League - Team Epic vs. Team Dev:

Jaysuhn was chosen by Epic for his Survivor: League team. Jaysuhn once again played under the radar, coasting through premerge. His most notable play was getting out his target DisgustingKill, via rock draw. Jaysuhn was then voted out once again, in a 3-2-2-1 vote, getting 7th place.

Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites:

Jaysuhn came into Micronesia wanting to play a different game than he did before. He made bonds with almost all of the people in the original Malakal tribe, putting him in a power position. Pre-Merge, he had an alliance with Joaqxin and mickolimbo, which proved beneficial when mickolimbo decided to give him an idol clue, which led to him finding the idol. Jaysuhn came into merge and forged new bonds with people from the original Airai tribe. Jaysuhn was in a leader position, calling most of the shots in merge. Mickolimbo started to tell people that jaysuhn had the idol, so jaysuhn, dark_knight4, Ew_Poke, Joaqxin, and a few others devised a plan to get him out. Jaysuhn was won immunity, defeating tomas1797 and breaking his immunity streak. During the Survivor Auction, jaysuhn bought a clue to another immunity idol. He found the idol once he got on the beach, however many people witnessed him find it. Everyone feared to take out jaysuhn until he could use both of his idols. Jaysuhn used one of his idols on Joaqxin so he could gain his trust the next vote and vote out a jury threat, Nintendo_Fan64. Jaysuhn lost the final immunity challenge sealing his fate, and became the 16th person voted out and the final member of the jury, and getting 4th place.

Heroes vs. Villains 2: