iiLabbyii is a castaway that has competed in three seasons in Era 1. He is best known as a floater who is inactive.

Survivor: Fiji

In Survivor: Fiji, Lab was chosen to be apart of Ravu by SurfCurseisTheKing. After Ravu lost the Sword Fighting immunity challenge, they learn that a double elimination is in place. Lab is able to survive the double elimination. The next challenge consists of trivia questions, which Ravu loses again. Lab is sent to exile island by Moto, and is sent home at tribal council by a vote of 3-3-1, then 5-1.

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

It was revealed that Lab was returning for Season 2, Heroes vs Villains, as a villain. The Villains lose the first challenge 2 challenges which Lab is able to survive. He was kidnapped after his second challenge lost, where he received immunity and didn't have to go to tribal. On the third episode, it is revealed that the tribes are fighting for individual immunity, which Lab doesn't successfully win and is sent ho

me as the Villains were immediately sent to tribal via the reward.

Survivor: Egypt

In Survivor: Egypt, Lab started on the Maqas tribe. which was the veterans tribe. After winning the first challenge, Maqas loses the second challenge of Sword Fighting and sends mickolimbo home. A tribe swap into 2 tribes occurs and Lab remains on Maqas, where they lose another immunity challenge and send Impossibley home. After that, Maqas goes to tribal for the 3rd time in a row and Cxmet is sent home. Maqas finally gets a break the following episode, and a reward challenge reveals that Waraqatan will kidnap someone permanently, and they choose Lab. Waraqatan wins the following immunity and Lab reaches the merge. Lab doesn't show up for a lot of the merge episodes and is finally auto-eliminated at a generous placement of 6th.

Trivia Edit

  • iiLabbyii was the first person to be eliminated by both tribes going to tribal