AmethyCyan is a castaway that has competed in two seasons in Era 1. He is best known for his rage quits.

Survivor: Fiji

In Survivor: Fiji, AmethyCyan was chosen to be apart of the Moto tribe by SurfCurseisTheKing. Moto was dominant and remained safe till the swap, where Cyan remained on Moto. Cyan remained safe on Moto but since he was busy with life, he declared that he quit the season.

Survivor: League

It was announced that AmethyCyan would be returning for the all-stars season, Survivor: League, where he was the 9th pick on Team Epic and would be joining the Kaviya tribe. Cyan remained under the radar throughout the pre-merge and he created a secret alliance with StarIghts. At the merge, Cyan got into drama, especially with bob000051, which made him a substantial wildcard. Unfortunately, Cyan couldn't take the game anymore and decided to quit the whole group all together.

Trivia Edit

  • Cyan was the first person to return after quitting
    • He is the first person to quit twice. Wastefulspongebobbest would also end up quitting twice.